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That Time The Big Homie Left Me On Stuck!

Yeah 3D tripped out all that work I gave him on 3D AfterDark for FREE! Always asked him about meeting the big fella. He NEVER made it happen. All good though. He gave me my first platform in the Atlanta sports media market as well as the birth of the Big Controversy and for that I am eternally grateful ✊🏿. Okay I’m back to my happy self again

For me meeting the big fella was always something I wanted to do. My reasons probably a little different than the normal person. I always looked at it as an opportunity to meet somebody that truly knows and understands what it’s like to be "The Fo Guy". I’ve always been the biggest dude in the room. I have always had to deal with the dumbass questions! EVERYDAY. I’M BIG AND I’M TALL I GET IT 🤷🏿‍♂️. Bucket List for BigFo to meet Shaq.

Anyone that lives in Atlanta knows that everybody here knows somebody and everybody here can do everything (THE LIES). So when somebody says they can do something you just kinda nod your head and say okay. So when one of my game producers (Piker You Are The Man) spoke of his past work at Turner and I threw out the idea that I had always wanted to meet Shaq with him acknowledging he could make it happen I half heartedly said cool make it happen bro. His response was I got you.

A couple of months past and honestly it had gotten to the point where I had totally forgotten all about it. Then I got the call (I told no one except TEAM). My producer pal said “Fo call my buddy he is an executive producer at Turner and he works with the Inside The NBA Crew he is going to put everything together for you you meet Shaq”. I made the call and he told me to be at Turner Studios at 6pm the next day. To say I was HYPED would be an understatement.

The next day I was posted down the street from Turner studios at 4pm 🤣🤣 (during my wait I discovered the most banging donut spot in the A; if you haven’t been to Sublime you are missing out on one of the most Devine pastry experiences to mankind). It was no way in hell I was going to get caught up in traffic and be late.

When I got to the studio I ain’t gonna lie I was kinda shook. Now I’ve leaned with a bunch of legends in the past but this was different. This was on some 7th and 8th Wonder of the World type for me. Nerves were bad like pregame for that chip.

When buddy walked in it was just like the movie Blue Chips. The Big Homie had to duck down like hell just to get in the door. He surveyed the room because there was an abundance of guest (probably about 25 autotrader people in addition to me) there waiting to meet the host and then he looked over at me and screams out in that Shaq voice “My Long Lost Little Brother” Everybody laughed. On the inside I was like HYFR!! Yessir! I gave the big homie a pound WHATS GOOD BRUH and instantly felt like a little newborn child. Probably how I make most people feel standing over them. When we shook hands his hand went all the way around my hand twice. I’m like damn man.

Probably one of the coolest things about that night was the Heat were playing and I’m in the green room watching KING (y’all know how I feel about KING 🐐) get down while chopping it up with the BIG Homie and Charles Barkley. Now while all of this is going down they are arguing back and forth about Girl Scout cookies (you think what you see on TV is funny being in the Green Room is on a whole different level no cameras no holds barred). Man look!! Bucket List! I’m in there wanting to ask him all the dumbass questions I’ve had to answer over the years. First time I’ve EVER looked down and seen someone with a BIGGER shoe than mine size 17 vs size 22. I was truly in AWE 👀.

One of the cooler things about this night was I also go to meet David Aldridge. I’ve always admired his work. I was then escorted over to Area 21 and got to chop it up with KG and Sheed! AWESOME NIGHT!!

You see me cheesing real hard right here with the Big Fella!

About a year goes by and my agent called (👀). I was extended an invitation to participate in a Big and Tall clothing audition. That was right down my alley as I’ve always thought I was the epitome of Big Sexy 🤷🏿‍♂️. I did my thing and I got the call back for a second audition. When I walked in the casting directors were like hey this is the guy that had a lot of energy at the 1st auditions. I’m like YES IT IS ABSOLUTELY me 😬! I did that thing that I do again. I felt pretty good about the callback but you never know. Well I got the gig but little did I know this would be the 2nd encounter of the BIGS!

Saturday morning I go to wardrobe/fitting and as I’m being given the outfits they want me to try on she (the head of wardrobe) mentions Shaq’s clothes.

I lit up like HELL NAW! On the inside I’m like BOI STOP! So I ask calmly what did you say ma’am. She says yes this is Shaquille O’Neals new BIG AND TALL clothing line. I nodded my head at her like true ✊🏿 but on the inside I’m like OKAY!! At this point I’ve not only got to make sure that I can fit everything comfortably but also that I look good doing it because if you don’t look good in the garb they have for you; you will definitely be cut. As I’m putting my different outfits on I’m praying at the same damn time. Fit the big fella fit the big fella fit the big fella PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE🙏🏿!

As soon as the opportunity permitted I hit TEAM up with the excited whisper “Yo I’m doing this commercial with Shaq”! Then I got them twitter fingers to going on the text to Mom, text to Dash and text to the homies Nelly, Ben Ford and HulkRajas to let them know what was going down. The turn around was quick. The fitting was Saturday morning. My call time was 10am Monday.

When we get on set and I see the Big Homie I reminded him of who I was (like he really gonna remember me AHAHAHAHAHAHA) and he responds How’s The Family” I’m like good bro. That was the extent of the one on one convo. We were there to work. All good. Hell I’m just happy to be here.

After the commercial aired somebody actually called and left me a message “Hey I saw your little cameo in the Shaq commercial 👀! In the words of the Emperor “Let The Hate Flow Through Them” I never responded. But I tell you what though. That check ain’t say cameo 👀

About year after the commercial I get a call from my agent and I am told Forrest you have been asked about your availability to do some stand in work. Me being a novice I didn’t really know what that entailed. Now I’ve had a stand in before during the Greenleaf shoot but I didn’t really know what I would have to do. I was advised it would be really easy work and I’d be able to make some good coin so I’m like cool. When I got confirmed I asked who am I going to be standing in for. All my agent would tell me is he’s a VERY FAMOUS VERY TALL ATHLETE! I had my suspicions but in my head I’m like naw hell naw then I got a phone call with all the particulars. I’d be doing body double work for the Big Homie for one of his commercials and this was going to be a three day shoot. As you can imagine I was feeling myself at this point. For three days me and the Big Homie were going to basically be the same person. When I walked into wardrobe there were my suits hanging and across from mine there were his suits hanging. Same color same suits all the same garb. For three days I got to chop it up with the Big Homie on everything.

I was on my form Voltron right here 🤣🤣. The big fella actually gave me his contact info and said let’s stay in touch and link up. Im like OKAY Big Bro! When I got in my car I hit him on the text to make sure he knew my number and he confirmed the link. Since that day I’ve text the Big Homie a couple of times. He ain’t hit me back yet. I know how Pac felt when him and Janet finished filming Poetic Justice and he said she ghosted him. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. The Big Homie Left Me On Stuck 🤣🤣🤣

On the real though. I’ve been blessed to meet the Big Homie. Work With the Big Homie and Be The Big Homie. 👊🏿

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